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Lemon + Mint Body Butter
Lemon + Mint Body Butter
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Lemon + Mint Body Butter

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Our body butters are very rich and nourishing for dry or irritated skin. Ideal if you're looking for something with more intense, longer-lasting moisture compared to body lotion or cream.

Lemon + Mint has a subtle, refreshing aroma and cooling sensation. If you have sensitive skin, check out our unscented version.

✔️  An all-in-one, non-comedogenic solution for body, hands, feet, and face
✔️  A natural, worry-free alternative to mainstream products containing toxic or filler ingredients (no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors/fragrances, or petro-chemicals)
✔️  A way to reduce your plastic waste (container is 100% biodegradable)
✔️  A unique gift for friends and family

• Mango butter (organic, unrefined)
• Grapeseed oil (organic, unrefined)
• Shea butter (organic, unrefined, free trade)
• Beeswax
• Evening primrose oil (organic, unrefined)
• Honey (raw, unfiltered)
• Vitamin E oil (organic, unrefined)
• Arrowroot powder (organic)
• Lemongrass essential oil (organic)
• Peppermint essential oil (organic)

INSTRUCTIONS: Gently swirl to soften the body butter. Apply a pea-sized amount to your skin (a little goes a long way!) and rub it in. The butter will melt upon contact with your skin, but will absorb quickly. Upon first use, apply a small amount to your forearm to test for allergies.

TIPS: Store in a cool, dry place (refrigeration not necessary) and use clean, dry hands to apply.